Who We Are

Are you a company with a staffing challenge?

We like a good challenge at Ladder Recruiting Group.

Give us the position that’s the monkey on your back, the toughest to fill. Give us that staffing challenge that’s giving you the most pain. And let our team find you the top-notch talent that you need.

Ladder Recruiting Group specializes in sourcing the very best executive, technical, marketing and sales professionals for our clients. Unlike many “run-of-the-mill” recruiting agencies, our recruiters have a thorough understanding of the industries we serve and the skills/attributes required for success.

We pride ourselves on the tenacity, creativity and diligence we apply to each search, and the results that these efforts generate. 

We find you what you need, period.

And we’ve got a strong network of highly skilled and respected professionals, one that rivals some of the big muckety-muck executive search firms. (We’re just easier, and more fun to work with…but don’t tell them we said so).

We don’t allow B-players to work here, so we can assure you that we won’t allow any to work for you.

Oh, and we generally operate on a contingency basis. That means, if we don’t come through for you, you owe us nothing. Pretty nice deal, huh?