Job Search Consulting

With a painfully sluggish economy that's taking its sweet time to recover, you absolutely must realize this:

The old ways of finding a job simply don’t work anymore.

Not the best of news for those looking for a job now…unless you set yourself apart from the competition with a Strategic Job Search Plan.

Through our sister company,, we can help you execute a job search strategy that sets you apart from the immense competition of today’s market. Our one-on-one job search sessions can help candidates learn: 

  • The challenges of the current job market, and how to overcome them
  • Why conventional job search methods don’t work
  • How to present yourself as a brand
  • How to network effectively using social media
  • What the “hidden job market” means and how to leverage it
  • How research can enhance your job search
  • How to work with job boards and recruiters
  • How to interview in today’s competitive economy
  • What should and should not be on your resume

Oh yes. And there's plenty of free strategic job search advice over at, too (and it's just plain fun over there!)